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  • Classic baroque style coffee table with cream and gold coloring to give the living room a touch of class. The glass support increases the lightness and spaciousness of the environment making convivial moments more and more relaxing.

  • Tavolino Margherita

  • Tavolino Hole


    Il tavolino in cartone ondulato Hole fa parte della collezione di arredi in cartone ecologici e sostenibili Maudesign, è realizzato a mano con prodotti artigianali ed è completamente Made in Italy.

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  • Durante una colazione, un aperitivo, qualsiasi momento meriti un po di relax merita un'opera d'arte da apprezzare e godere. é il caso del tavolo relax nello scacco. Dall'abilità del maestro Russo un'opera che unisce funzionalità e divertimento. Le geometrie tipiche di una scacchiera che si rivela essere una vera e propria scacchiera fa da padrona in un tavolo che si adatta a qualsiasi ambiente. Un design inconfondibile! Tavolo relax nello scacco è  costituito da legno massello di ulivo, mogano e acero, 124 elementi si compongono per formare il piano d'appoggio. 23 pezzi di ulivo e wengé compongono i piedi. Vuoi che sia ancora più unico?

    Non esitare a darci le misure che ti occorrono, lo progetteremo insieme!

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  • The classic and symmetrical shapes, clear geometries characterize this Art Deco living room table. The precise and carefully arranged inlays start from the feet, made up of 56 pieces up to the top that with its 122 pieces of olive wood and wenge, does not hide a unique care and technique typical of the master carpenter Antonio Russo.


    There is also the possibility of having this fantastic work personalized in sizes and designs.

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  • Gaudì table


    Coffee table made entirely of cardboard: from the intuition of reproducing a tablecloth spread over a table whose side draperies served as legs. Designed and built to participate in an artistic craft competition, which will be the winner, this table is simply built with a frame around a central part of blocks of about 5cm on each side. The cubes are cut by managing the inclination of the internal waves with different angles: this allows you to obtain light and dark colors depending on the incoming light, without having to dye the material. The peculiarity of the lines of the tapered legs emphasize the idea of ​​the fragility of the tablecloth, reminiscent of the daring ones of the Barcelona architect who inspired us for the name. The sides can be covered in various materials and colors.

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  • From the perfect combination of inlays of Salento olive trees aged for at least six years and wengè, with Antonio Russo's own processing techniques, the coffee table with "backgammon" decorations is born. Infinite shades of wood perfectly aligned to form the solid wood frame of the top, in a fluid and geometric vision. The elegant table legs made up of 44 pieces also in wengè and olive wood stand out and which raise the precious table top to 27 cm, made of 224 pieces and where wengè grafts in the shape of a rhombus stand out.


    If you want to make the backgamon coffee table even more unique, do not hesitate to contact me!

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