Characteristics of the Made in Italy style

We often wonder why Made in Italy is so appreciated all over the world, perhaps not knowing the true characteristics that distinguish it from foreign manufacturing. Let's find out together what are the peculiarities, attentions and merits of a product that sees the favor of the greatest entrepreneurs. From clothing to jewelery, passing through food, Italian is in demand in every corner of the planet for its manual and technical skills.

The raw material has always made the difference

Since the earliest years, the raw material has always been the factor that has distinguished a product of excellent workmanship from one of poor quality. This is why in every area, from food to tailoring, something produced with a raw material with the best peculiarities is always preferable.

In the field of food, fast food has risen to the fore, setting aside good food and making room for foods of questionable healthiness. The same goes for tailoring, where a fine fabric has been gradually replaced by a poorer one, due to excessive and enormous demand.

It could be talked about indefinitely, also ranging to the work of blacksmith, where a hand-made piece of furniture is less and less preferred (alas ...), to the advantage instead of department stores that often and willingly use much poorer materials.

However, this has not stopped lovers of beauty and Made in Italy. Today owning a garment, a piece of furniture, a painting or simply a food that bears the name of Italy high has become almost a luxury. All this, confirming the exclusivity that a brand can give to any product of any kind.

Quality as a synonym of durability

How many times have we heard: "But buy a pair of Italian shoes, at least it lasts over time!". There is a reason. In any case, the high cost of an object produced in the boot by a craftsman has always been justified by the fact that it can last a long time.

It's true. Let's take for example a pair of Italian shoes, and compare them with a shoe bought in department stores. There is no story, we will notice that the materials, details and ductility of the shoe are much better.

This happens because the Italian craftsman has always made faith in producing something that remains unique and inimitable. The passion and skill with which jewels, clothing, glass and furnishings are forged is something that deeply distinguishes the Italian craftsman from the rest of the world.

The Italian Lifestyle Culture

A concept born from the need to identify with a flag. A sort of patriotism that, in addition to shouting the country of origin, accentuated its exclusivity. Even today the best architects, engineers, glass masters and so on and so forth, are Italians.

The Italian knows how to do. The Italian Lifestyle is the conception of luxury in the form of craftsmanship. An Italian high fashion garment, however expensive it may be, will always be preferred to one from other parts of the world. Suffice it to see the success of great brands such as Versace, Bulgari, Armani and many others.

The phenomenon we are talking about is an extraordinary way of shouting to the whole world that the Italian knows how to do and create, obtaining something magically exceptional from apparently insignificant raw materials.

The Made in Italy brand like the great world brands

According to a 2019 Forbes research, the Made in Italy brand is in seventh place in terms of notoriety, almost on a par with multinationals such as Coca Cola and Visa. A prestigious ranking that determines the importance of a brand can only give rise to the expression of confirmation as one of the best brands in the world.

Made in Italy is a guarantee in every field. This is possible thanks to legislation that regulates production and authentic standards. Yes, the flagship companies of what is called Italian good taste must follow very specific rules to define their creations "Made in Italy".

A product defined as such, in fact, must be, according to the law, "conceived, designed, processed and packaged in Italy to be defined as 100% Made in Italy". Clearer than that…

The guarantee of a Made in Italy product

Beyond the concreteness, today the Made in Italy denomination has taken substantial consideration in any field, so much so that it has become a point of reference in the rest of the world.

Italian artisans guarantee a certain reliability and mastery in every product they manufacture. Whether it is liqueurs (of which we are the owners of the invention of vermouth), footwear, seen as excellence among excellence, or for agriculture, where we combine innovation with tradition.

A Made in Italy product gives a certain guarantee even in the production procedures. We are in fact among the countries that require the pursuit of extremely high standards in terms of HACCP.

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