Made in Italy, the craftsmanship that drives the world crazy

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Made in Italy is known all over the world as an excellence of creativity and craftsmanship and Made In Italy handcrafted products have always given off a great charm all over the world. But what exactly does Made in Italy mean? It means a product entirely made in Italy, from design to processing, until the product is finished and ready for sale. The long traditions and knowledge used in the processing of handcrafted products made in Italy allow us to give a great additional value to the final product.

Just to give a few examples, the creations of Murano glass, Faenza ceramics, and the Ravenna mosaic are well known and appreciated all over the world, but the Italian artisan excellences are present throughout the peninsula, from North to South and range from 'clothing to footwear, from jewelry to leather goods and fabrics, to glass and wood processing and, finally, the many culinary excellences. Craftsmanship is the opposite of industrial mass production, in fact the craftsman realizes every single piece by handling it until it has acquired the desired appearance, and in doing this the craftsman instills in the object he produces his passion for work and knowledge handed down for many generations.

The importance of Made in Italy craftsmanship

Quality and excellence are the two characteristics that reward Made in Italy artisan products and these two characteristics are the basis of an ethical culture that maintains a strong link with tradition. In today's globalized society and where everything is produced and there is a massive use of technology, the craftsman remains the custodian of a memory of know-how that represents an important link between the present and the past of ancient traditions. But the craftsman is a master also protracted towards the future, always with an eye on innovation at the service of tradition.

Furthermore, the craft sector can be a real gold mine for the Italian economy if exploited properly, since the artisan shops always continue to be places of knowledge and culture and in Italy there are about 1 million small shops. craft, which are very small companies or even sole proprietorships.

Fashion and crafts

Made in Italy in the clothing sector is synonymous with the highest quality and excellence, Italian fashion products are known and appreciated all over the world. Especially as regards the production of clothes and footwear, there are many productions of high craftsmanship.

Italian fashion is everywhere synonymous with style, elegance and quality and the worldwide success of this phenomenon is linked, above all, to the skill of Italian master craftsmen who are heirs of an ancient Italian tradition in tailoring. In Italy there are many small companies that produce clothes with centenary tailoring techniques, no mass production but only single productions of each garment, creating collections in limited quantities and tailor-made suits, clothing entirely handmade, with passion and great professionalism. All unique and tailor-made pieces that enhance individual beauty: no garment is alike.

But not only clothes, also accessories such as belts and bags without forgetting footwear, another great Made in Italy artisan sector. In Italy there are many artisans who produce handmade shoes according to the typical tradition of Italian footwear art, all handcrafted creations of excellent workmanship appreciated by footwear enthusiasts from all over the world and the art of making handmade shoes has always been handed down from generation to generation.

Artistic craftsmanship

Wood, ceramics, metals, glass, fabrics are some of the materials worked with great skill by Italian artisans to create unique and wonderful products that not only have a decorative intent but have the purpose of being used; here we are talking about a very vast field that takes up centuries-old traditions.

Let's go and see some Made in Italy artisan excellences famous all over the world.

The textile artisanal art which is one of the most renowned artisanal activities in Lombardy also at an international level, in particular for silk processing Murano glass processing needs no presentation; the ceramics of Faenza and the Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna are among the flagships of Emilia Romagna; gold processing in Abruzzo. However, the list is practically endless in this field of infinite artillery: furniture, jewelry, musical instruments, products for the kitchen (bronze pots or wooden ladles).

Artisanal gastronomy made in Italy

When it comes to quality food, one immediately thinks of Made in Italy, as well as the world of wine. The Italian gastronomic tradition is unique in the world, from pasta, biscuits, cured meats, to pastries, a myriad of regional recipes even centuries old that today are re-proposed by artisans still in their traditional form and Italy is full of Docg, Doc , Dop, Igt, Igp: a large range of excellent products produced in an artisanal way and with a unique flavor.

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